Get to know Welaka


  • Gelding
  • Bay Thoroughbred
  • DOB: 2001
  • Retired @ RHH: 2011
  • 13 Years Old (2014)

Welaka was rescued by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department; he was found tied on the outside of a gate with 2 other horses on Old Welatka Road in Welatka, FL.

The Sheriff took Welaka to the anatomy class at U.F. but the university declined to take him because of his size; it was arranged to have him euthanized. Upon learning of Welaka, the Sheriff’s wife (whom had heard of RHH through coworkers) recommended that her husband call RHH. It is only through public awareness of RHH (and the sheriff’s wife) that Welaka was saved from euthanasia.

When Welaka arrived at RHH, it was quickly learned that he had little or no humane imprinting. Through the commitment, kindness, expertise in training and dedication of one very special and horse savvy volunteer, Welaka has been transformed into the magnificent horse he is today.

Full of spunk, moxie, boldness, toughness and true grit, Welaka will spend the rest of his life at RHH knowing only freedom and affection.