Sponsor Red


  • Chestnut Tennessee Walker/ Mare
  • 23 Years Old (2021)
  • Retired @ RHH: July 2021

RED and her pasture mate and mother CHAZ was rescued by TINY ACRES NW FLA when found emaciated and neglected in a barn where she and the other mares had been kept for 5 years. The owners had used them in “The Big Lick”, a show organization that features Tennessee Walkers with artificial and exaggerated high gaits, created by the illegal practice of “soring” which uses cruel measures such as caustic chemicals, pins inserted, weights and chains to induce great pain causing the horse to lift their legs. After 6 months of rehabilitation at Tiny Acres NW Fl they have regained their weight, vitality and trust… although left with damage to their feet and legs. Now spending their retirement together Red and Chaz have the love and care they deserve.

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