Get to know Lady Soul

Lady Soul

  • Mare
  • Thoroughbred
  • DOB: 1993
  • Retired @ RHH: 2010
  • 21 Years Old (2014)

Lady Soul arrived at RHH from Virginia. For 14 years she was used at a college research center being put through multiple experiments; she was bred yearly for 10 years. Had RHH been unable to accept her, she would have been destroyed. She wears a cribbing* collar to curb her chewing on the fence boards.

Since being retired at RHH, Lady Soul has known only kindness and love. Hopefully, with many more years of retirement, she can begin to forget her previous life.

Kindness and lots of carrots please to Lady Soul.

*Cribbing is an abnormal, compulsive behavior seen in some horses possibly thought to be linked to boredom or anxiety, often related to confinement. Source: Wikipedia