Get to know Desi


  • Gelding
  • Bay Paso Fino
  • DOB: 1993
  • RETIRED @ RHH: 2013
  • 21 Years Old (2014)

Desi was surrendered by his owner to Citrus County Animal Services. His owner could no longer afford to take care of him nor did his owner have time to devote to him.

Due to the rich green pastures and daily grain feedings here at RHH, Desi has changed from being the underweight horse he was to being the robust, handsome horse he is now.

If he is not near the fence, call his name loudly, most likely he will whinny and come running for that delicious and coveted carrot being offered to him. It is a thrill to see him run…a thrill to gently caress the side of his face…a thrill to be near his magnificence.