Meet some of our horses

Care begins upon arrival

Many horses arrive at Mill Creek Farm sick, emaciated, lame and often frightened. Many also suffer emotional scars from abuse and neglect.

But once here, and examined by the vet, they are given specialized care and attention.

Regular health monitoring

Each horse is groomed weekly which gives us the opportunity to check if there are problems or conditions that need attention.

The farrier comes on a regular basis to trim hooves and assess foot problems.

The equine dentist makes regular visits to examine teeth and treat dental problems.

Dignity is assured

Some horses are able to live here in retirement many years while others, sadly, die too soon.

When a horse dies they are buried in the FIELD OF DREAMS…a beautiful field of live oak trees, flowering trees, wildflowers and azaleas.  A tree is then planted in their memory.

On-going attention

There are new arrivals on a regular basis and our hope at the Retirement Home for Horses is that they will have a very long retirement here at Mill Creek Farm.

Mary and Paul, along with staff and volunteers, provide the love and attention (and carrots) on a daily basis.

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