A lifelong dream fulfilled.

A lifetime dream

Peter and Mary Gregory’s love and concern for horses began many years ago when they were a young couple living in England where they visited  a farm where cart and carriage horses got a two week break from their work on the streets of London.  “We took them carrots”,  Peter remembers…  “It was the only time these horses saw a pasture.  We decided if we ever had enough money, one day, we would do something like that”.

The right time and place

In 1983, after retiring  from the hotel industry they were able to begin this lifelong dream when they purchased 140 acres in Alachua, Florida and created the Retirement Home for Horses.  Since then, through the help of donations, they have been able to expand the farm to 335 acres and have  been able to save hundreds of horses from abuse, starvation and neglect. Peter passed away in March of 2014.

Shared compassion

His son Paul continues Peter’s legacy of ensuring that this sanctuary will continue to be a forever home for these wonderful old horses. Paul and Mary live at the farm where their labors begin before sunrise and end after sunset.

With the help of volunteers they are currently caring for over 130 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats.


The yearly cost to run the farm is approximately $400,000.

The Retirement Home For Horses relies solely on donations and the kind support of people like you.  Please help us provide a safe sanctuary for these horses.  Your donations will allow many horses  to be saved from the suffering of abuse and neglect.