Over thirty years of dedication to a worthy cause.

Born out of need and concern

In 1984, Peter and Mary Gregory created the Retirement Home For Horses, Inc., a nonprofit sanctuary for old, abused, and abandoned horses in Alachua, in North Central Florida.

The Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm is 335 acres of tree-lined, rolling green pastures that is protected by a perpetual conservation easement that prevents the land from being developed, ensuring that the Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm will always be a sanctuary for horses in need.

335 acres of peace and safety

Approximately 50 acres are native woods and wetlands and are home to many animals such as deer, fox, rabbits, squirrels and many species of birds.

There are currently 140 horses that are now retired at  the farm.  And while some of the horses may live here for many years, and others sadly may die too soon, each and every horse will be able to live out their lives in peace and tranquility with care and attention while at the Retirement Home For Horses at Mill Creek Farm.  Newly rescued horses arrive on a regular basis and it is always hoped that they will be able to enjoy a long retirement at Mill Creek Farm.

A continuing legacy of care.

retirement-home-horses-paul-maryPeter passed away in March of 2014 but his legacy of love and dedication to the animals of Mill Creek Farm continues with his wife Mary and their son, Paul.  Both Mary and Paul now manage the farm and live and labor there as well.  Regular volunteers assist them with the feeding and grooming of the horses, as well as the chores that go with a working farm.

The yearly cost to run the farm is approximately $400,000.

The Retirement Home For Horses relies solely on donations and the kind support of people like you.  Please help us provide a safe sanctuary for these horses.  Your donations will allow many horses  to be saved from the suffering of abuse and neglect.