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  • Mare
  • Bay Standardbred*
  • DOB: 1991
  • Retired @ RHH: June 2015
  • 24 Years Old (2015)

From the freeze band on Lovey’s neck (see picture below) it was learned that Ephermil Leigh (Lovey) was born in New Zealand in 1991 and raced 176 times earning in excess of $47,000.

It is unknown how she came to the USA. Lovey was rescued by the South Florida SPCA when they went to rescue another horse at a barn and saw a sign in front of the barn advertising to give away a “free horse.” That “free horse” was Lovey.


You are “free”…free to roam and graze as you please…free to have all your needs met…free to frolic with your pasture mates…free to be loved, admired and respected for the beauty that you are. YOU ARE HOME.

*Standardbred: is a horse breed best known for its ability in harness racing at a trot or pace. The breed is recognized worldwide. Source: Wikipedia

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