Get to know Snowflake


  • Mare
  • Flea Bitten Grey*¬†Arabian
  • DOB: 1992 (approx.)
  • Retired at RHH June 2015
  • 23 Years Old (approximate) (2015)

Snowflake was picked up by the Sheriff’s Office in 2013 and taken to Hope Equine Rescue; she had been abandoned for an unknown period of time.

She has spots in both her eyes and some vision issues and is missing several teeth; she is known to be shy and very mellow. Kindness, consideration, attention and love is what Snowflake will receive at RHH…and she will never be abandoned again.

*A horse that has completely changed its base coat will either be pure white or “flea-bitten” gray or grey. Flea-bitten gray is a color consisting of a white hair coat with small speckles or “freckles” of red-colored hair throughout. Most horses who become flea-bitten grays still go through a period when they are pure white. Source: Wikipedia

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