Get to know Gertie


  • Mare
  • Black Quarter Horse
  • Dob: 1986
  • Retired @ Rhh: June 2015
  • 30 Years Old/ (2015)

Gertie was rescued by Hope Equine Rescue numerous times. They first rescued her from a children’s riding program. Then, after rehabilitation, she was adopted three different times and was returned (due to no fault of her own.)

Gertie was then sent to two separate foster homes and was returned to Hope Equine Rescue one final time before being brought to RHH.

Gertie has survived starvation…not once, but twice in her lifetime. She has endured abandonment, numerous relocations, abuse from other horses and she has learned the absence of human kindness. Gertie is also blind in her right eye.

It is hoped that with time spent at RHH, Gertie will learn how her life should have been all along and that she will know finally, and at last, what it means and how it feels to be loved.

Gertie, you are promised you will never again be relocated, never again will you be hungry, abandoned or forgotten. You are now permanently loved, admired and respected. Learn to open your heart and accept the love that is given to you unconditionally.

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