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  • Mare
  • Grade*
  • DOB: 1995
  • Retired @ RHH: June 2015
  • 20 Years Old/(2015)

Bubbles was rescued by the South Florida SPCA at a foreclosed house in Miami. It is unknown how long she was forced to forage for food and water.

She has melting suspensory ligaments** (her ankles almost touch the ground) but this does not prevent her from enjoying grazing and being with her pasture mates.

A promise to each horse when they arrive at RHH is that they will never be ridden or worked again.

*Grade is a horse whose parentage is unknown, unidentifiable, or of significantly mixed breeding. Source: Wikipedia

** Melting Suspensory Ligament injuries are a common cause of lameness in the horse, particularly athletic horses and those involved in competitive events. Source: HorseJournals.com

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